Transforming Smallholder Agriculture

Select Partner Profile

Which of the below Partner Profile fits your organization?

  • Knowledge Generation & Tools Developers

    Provide knowledge products in the form of actionable insights, validated agronomic advisories and other knowledge goods.

    Include weather services, biophysical data providers and integration systems

  • Enabling Farmers Interactions

    Are input and output market players wo enable the agricultural system with the provisions of inputs, services and market output interactions.

    Include traders, aggregators, financial services, mechanisation and specialised infrastructure like irrigation.

  • Farmer Support Ecosystem Builder

    These are institutional partners who facilitate policies and operate state level large scale interventions

    Typically NARES partners fit into this group.

  • Direct Farmer Facing

    Include Farmer Facing NGOs, Public Extension Services and Private Sector Extension

    These partners have networks that engage farmers directly.